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About S&S Dyno

A Dyno Service For Racers, By Racers

Racers and car enthusiasts work tireless hours and spend countless dollars to build the exact engine for their application. We are inspired by this level  of dedication because we are racers too. No engine dynamometer service is more committed to its customers than S&S Dyno Services.

What We Do

Precision Equipment, Hands-On Service

At S&S Dyno Services, we rely on the SuperFlow SF-902. Carefully calibrated, this is the most accurate engine dynamometer. It is the professional engine-builders’ choice for testing high-performance automotive engines.

Combine the precision of the SF-902 with the expert service of the S&S Dyno Services team for a winning combination. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring data accuracy and helping to interpret the results.


Why Dyno Your Engine?


Cranking over a fresh motor for the first time is critically important. Following parts manufacturer routines, S&S Dyno Services can properly break-in the camshaft and seat piston rings.


Once the engine is broken-in, we can accurately measure and calculate horsepower, torque, exhaust gas temperatures, air-fuel ratio, and other engine vitals.

Engine Tuning

These reports, combined with accurately measured atmospheric conditions, arms tuners with the necessary data to maked educated adjustments and modifications to maximize performance.

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